Attraktion's trendsetter for the new generation of immersive 5D SFX cinemas
Cinesplash innovates the idea of a 4D theater attraction, to be experienced in swimsuits, all year round. It's the perfect match for indoors & outdoor water parks, resorts & holiday venues, spa and pool complexes.
Cinesplash is a standalone attraction providing a new revenue stream for water parks.

The unique concept features impressive SFX like waterfalls, fountains & water explosions, never experienced before in any 4D theater attraction.

We can build Cinesplash according to your precise needs. Starting from 20 to over 100 seats, our configurations offer you a care-free and reliable operational system.

The latest Cinesplash5D was installed in the water park called "Ningbo Hangzhouwan Dream Hotspring Water World“. This venue is located in Ningbo (China) and has held its own Cinesplash5D with 40 seats since September 2014.
Cinesplash films are created to make use of the unique water sfx features. The dramaturgy of the movies implement the individual effects at certain moments during the experience, to create an outstanding attraction & one of a kind experience. ATTRAKTION! is the only company globally producing licensable and custom movies for this exciting new attraction format.
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